Scopuly is participating in SCF

Scopuly has been selected by the Stellar Community Fund and is participating in a public vote to approve the budget and receive development funding. 🔥

The Stellar Community Fund gives people all over the world a chance to kickstart their Stellar-based projects and connect to the thriving Stellar community. You can road test ideas, get real feedback from developers and potential users, and win funding to allow you to pursue your vision. It’s a rare opportunity to win rewards — no strings attached — for dreaming big.

We have been working on Scopuly Wallet since 2017 (for over 4 years) and today it is a working project with a daily growing audience. To better understand what Scopuly is, you only need to spend a couple of minutes to create a new wallet and a couple more to fund your wallet with XLM. After that, all the extensive functionality of Scopuly can be checked from the inside.

Today Scopuly Wallet is a cross-platform application available on: Android, iOS, MacOS, Web.

Scopuly combines:
- Safe and simple Stellar Wallet
- Full Stellar account management
- Powerful web interface for SDEX
- Claimable Balance
- Payments by QR code
- Issue of custom tokens
- Block Explorer
- and much more…

Dear Scopuly Community ♥, we really need your support!!! Only together can we achieve more!! 🙏

🔹 What is SCF:
🔹 List of all projects in this round:

🕘 Voting Schedule:

🔆 Everyone who is not indifferent to the fate of Scopuly can follow the links below and support the discussion: leave your comment, recommendation, idea, ask a question, chat…

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Thanks everyone!



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Scopuly is a secure, simple and multi-account Stellar Wallet and SDEX. Cross-platform wallet is available for iOS, Android, macOS, Windows.