How to participate in the SCOP Referral Program on Scopuly

The SCOP referral program pays high income 25% daily to its partners, clients and crowdfunders.

Invite friends and earn crypto together!

3 easy steps to get started

1 — Have a Stellar address
2 — Set Trustline to SCOP token
3 — Create Referral Link

Now a little more detail about each step.

1 - To get started, you will need a Stellar address (if not, create here or connect a wallet).

If you have just created your star address, you will need to top up this address in order for it to be activated and appear on the network. To do this, you need to send XLM (Stellar Lumens) cryptocurrency to this address. Recommended minimum 2 XLM. Learn more about address activation.

2 - Then you will need to get a trustline to the SCOP token. You will then be able to accept payments in SCOP. Read more about how to add a trustline here.

3 - As soon as a trustline to SCOP is established on your address, you need to go to the referral program page and create your partner referral link. In the modal window that opens, you need to select your Stellar address and specify the name of the partner (this is the partner’s public name) and click “Create referral link”.

* The referral link can be immediately shared with your friends and subscribers, the link is immediately active and takes into account all your invitations. Rewards are paid daily.

Increased payouts for the most active Scopuly partners

For the most active partners from the top 4, additional motivation (up to 30% SCOP) is provided to share their referral link with people

  • TOP 1 : +10% VOL / total: 30%
  • TOP 2 : +7.5% VOL / total: 27.5%
  • TOP 3 : +5% VOL / total: 25%
  • TOP 4 : +2.5% VOL / total: 22.5%

Invite more friends and followers and get an additional +10% (30%) in the TOP-1 list of partners!

The top partners are located at All partners are sorted by rating expressed in total SCOP.

You can check all your referral payouts here To do this, enter your Stellar address in the search field.

Materials for your promotional content can be obtained here. We are preparing even more various promotional materials for partners. Follow our news.

Learn more about the SCOP referral program.

Learn more about other SCOP rewards.

Important to know for SCOP token holders!

If you have at least 500 SCOP (~$20) on your balance, you will automatically participate in the “Holder Rewards” program and receive 10% APY rewards to your address every day. And if you put your SCOP tokens in the XLM/SCOP liquidity pool you become a member of the “Liquidity Rewards” program and receive 14% APY to your address every day.

Start earning crypto right now 👉

SCOP token:



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